Business courses to be impart to young mexican entreprenuers living in five states in the us

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Business courses to be impart to young mexican entreprenuers living in five states in the us

Chicago, Illinois, May 26th.- The Secretary of Economy will impart over 50 workshops to prepare and couch two thousand Mexican entrepreneurs living in five states of the US, whom also could obtain investment opportunities in different projects, products or enterprises that can be establish in their native communities in Mexico.

The workshop Yo Emprendo (I am an Entrepreneur) is also a vehicle to get financing, it will take place in the Consular Offices in the States of Arizona, California, Texas, New York and Illinois, that have the biggest number of Mexicans living in the United States, said the Secretary of Economy, Bruno Ferrari, during his gathering with young entrepreneur.

After give an acknowledgment to the thousands of you Mexicans that with their talents, creativity and work contribute to the economic development of Mexico outside its borders, the Secretary Ferrari said that the couching of entrepreneurs is a key element to consolidate productive projects that translate into the improvement of the life conditions in their parents native communities in Mexico.

“We know that the young people has a fundamental role in the design and implementation of innovating solutions to the current problems and in the achievement of a better understanding of the challenge and global tendencies”, highlighted during the gathering in the framework of the Expo Mexico Emprende Chicago 2012.

Ferrari informed that the workshop to be impart to two thousand young Mexicans will strength the collaboration of the 3 higher studies institutes with a broad experience and the drive to create an entrepreneur culture and the fostering of enterprises- la Fundación E, el Instituto Politécnico Nacional y el Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey-, that during two years have work to create a unique methodology that is design to guide the entrepreneurs into the creation of their own business plan.

“We have the certainty that our fellow Mexicans living in the United States are a key element to the economic and social development of our country, and they have a lot to give through their work and entrepreneur drive” mentioned Ferrari, during the gathering he was accompanied by the Under Secretary of the Small and Medium Enterprise, Miguel Marón Manzur, and the Senior Officer of the Secretariat of Economy, Eduardo Seldner Ávila.


Later on and accompanied by the Under Secretary of North America from the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs, Julian Ventura, the head of Economy participate in the ceremony that commemorates the 128th anniversary of the General Consulate of Mexico in Chicago, that is headed by Eduardo Arnal Palomera, whom received a recognition, alongside with the businessman and activist Alejandro Silva.

During the gathering Ferrari mentioned the importance that the economic and trade complementation between Mexico and United States has in the continuous effort to strengths the competitiveness of the North American Region.

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