L´Oreal Brings Color to SLP

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San Luís Potosí.- The French cosmetics company L'Oréal announced the start of operations in its San Luís Potosí plant for April 1, generating 400 direct jobs and with an investment of US$50 million. 

Martha Elena Meade, Secretary of Economic Development of the state explained that a total of 800 jobs will be created, half of which will be indirect.

"This plant in Villa de Reyes will generate 400 direct jobs, a similar number of indirect jobs and will have an initial production of 200 million units of hair dye that will be distributed in the Latin American market," said the official.

Ms. Meade and the CEO of L'Oréal in Mexico, Luca Burei, yesterday saw the progress made in the construction of the plant during a tour they made of the installations which are about to begin the first stage of operations.

The state official emphasized that L'Oréal chose San Luís Potosí for its production expansion projects because of its geographical location in the center of the country, the work climate and the optimal conditions for economic development.

"From here the company can bridge the South and North American markets, as well as satisfy the demand here in Mexico, classed as one of the major hair dye consumers in the world," Ms. Meade added.

She also spoke about work on a supplier program for L'Oréal, mainly with small and medium-sized business, especially those dedicated to the production of aluminum and plastic containers, to satisfy the company's world demand.