Automotive Sector Hits Historic Figure

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The Mexican Automotive Industry Association reported that the industry hit historic figures last year when it manufactured 2.5 million cars and exported 2,143,879 units.

The Association revealed that production rose by 13.1%, compared to the 2,260,774 vehicles assembled in 2010, and 21.6% compared to 2008; this was due to the drive in exports where 15.3% more units were placed than in 2010.  

Exports to the United States reached a figure of 1,362,425 units, while the sale of domestic vehicles to Latin America grew 55.8% in relation to 2010.

In addition, the Mexican Association of Automotive Distributors (AMDA), reported that sales on the domestic market last year grew by 10.4%, through the sale of 905,886 units, a figure higher than  the 820,406 reported in 2010.

US Figures Outstanding

The United States Department of Trade highlighted Mexico's export figure, where it struck a historic record by reaching US$33.046 billion from January to November 2011.

Total Mexican auto parts exports in this period surpassed reported sales in the full 12 months of 2010, when they reached US$30.039 billion.


Period Total Production Export
December 2011 180,163 171,319
December 2010 171,615 147,552
Difference % 5.0  16.1 
Absolut difference  8,548 23,767
January - December 2011 2,557,550 2,143,879
January - December 2010 2,260,774 1,859,517