State Statistics

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This section gives the user information on federal entities in relation to the following areas:

Population and Labor Force

  1. Total State Population
  2. Employed Population by Economic Activity Sector

Student Population

  1. Degree Program by Study Area
  2. Higher Technical University by Study Area
  3. Researchers by Scientific Area
  4. Education Infrastructure



  1. Total GDP
  2. GDP Primary Activities
  3. GDP Secondary Activities
  4. GDP Tertiary Activities
  5. Direct Foreign Investment

Industrial Costs

Energy Costs

  1. Oil
  2. Electric Energy


State Competitiveness Ranking

  1. Competitiveness Ranking
  2. Stable and Dynamic Economy Ranking
  3. Efficient and Effective Government Ranking
  4. Efficient Market Factors Ranking
  5. Inclusive, Well-Prepared and Healthy Society Ranking
  6. Functional and Stable Political System Ranking
  7. Leveraging of International Relations Ranking
  8. Economic Sectors of Vigorous Competition Ranking
  9. Doing Business Ranking (ease of doing business)
  10. Doing Business Ranking (ease of opening a business)*

Investment Incentives

  1. Tax Incentives

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