Ventanilla Única

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Ventanilla Única

Ventanilla Única is a tool which allows the sending of electronic information, once only, to a single entity, to meet all foreign trade requirements. This is possible through the simplification, standardization and automation of management processes.

In practical terms, Ventanilla Única aims to streamline and simplify information flows between trade and government and provide significant benefits to all parties involved in cross-border trade.

Ventanilla Única is generally managed centrally, by a governing body allowing the competent authorities and government agencies to receive or gain access to pertinent information. Furthermore, the participating authorities and agencies must coordinate their controls. In some cases, Ventanilla Única must provide the means to pay relevant rights, taxes and fees. See PDF...


Since the '90s, world trade has grown twice as quickly as the world gross domestic product. Countries able to attract foreign investment and boost foreign trade will have greater economic growth.

However, to increase trade exchange between countries, reducing or eliminating tariffs is not enough; customs modernization systems must be introduced to reduce costs and increase international competitiveness. Countries with better foreign trade practices have adopted Ventanilla Única system.

Nowadays, foreign trade in Mexico involves a large number of procedures, paperwork and people. Around 30 players are involved among government offices, exporters, importers, transporters and customs workers; this represents 40 documents, 165 procedures and 200 different data items, many of which must be filed several times.

Modernization programs, customs reforms and trade facilitation are all necessary if countries wish to reduce trade transaction costs and increase international competitiveness.

In the design and implementation of information systems and communications technologies to facilitate trade, it is essential, right from the start, to adopt best practices like setting up a Ventanilla Única, where trade-related information is submitted once only at a single point of entry.