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secretaria de economia

The Secretariat of Economy is responsible for formulating and handling the country's industry, foreign trade, interior, supply and price policies. Its actions are directed towards promoting the creation of quality jobs and economic growth by driving and implementing public policies which trigger competitiveness and productive investment.


For the performance of its functions, the Ministry of Economy:

1.- Has four undersecretariats, an administrative office and 32 administrative units.

2.- Comprises 51 federal agencies distributed in 32 delegations and 19 subdelegations throughout the country.

3.- Has seven trade agencies abroad, headquartered in: Geneva, Switzerland; Brussels, Belgium; Washington D.C., United States of America; Ottawa, Canada; Tokyo, Japan; Paris, France and Montevideo, Uruguay.

4.- Has three decentralized agencies: Federal Regulatory Improvement Commission, Federal Competition Commission and General Coordination of the National Support Program for Solidarity Enterprises.

It is the sector coordinator for the following public sector entities:

Decentralized Institutions.- Federal Consumer Protection Agency, Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, National Metrology Center, Mexican Geological Survey, ESSA Salt Export Company.

Structured Public Trusts.- Mining Development Trust and ProMéxico, the public trust considered a public sector entity.