Message from the Secretary

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bruno ferrari

In order to strengthen actions to further economic growth and the welfare of Mexican families, a little over a year ago, the Secretariat of Economy defined six strategic objectives proposed by President Felipe Calderón in the National Development Plan 2007-2012. Since then, we have made progress in each one. We have achieved specific results which put us on the right path towards development.

The first objective was to promote competition in the national economy. We worked alongside Congress to define one of the most important structural reforms of the decade, by enacting changes to the Federal Law of Economic Competition. These changes will enhance the capacity of the authority to guarantee more efficient and competitive markets which encourage consumer welfare, innovation in companies and economic growth.

The second objective seeks to accelerate regulatory reform. This year we have continued to work on facilitating business transactions and reducing the costs of operating a business. We have already eliminated 16,174 standards and 2,257 processes and services. These actions have prompted the World Bank to rank Mexico as the best Latin American country for doing business.

Our third objective is to strengthen the domestic market. To do that, we have duplicated efforts in support of the small and medium-sized business, through greater access to credit and training. With the progress made last year, we have already triggered more than six times more credits than in the previous six-year term. We have also strengthened productive chain schemes in the private sector and government purchases, to the benefit of smaller firms.

To raise competitiveness, the fourth strategy is to promote business innovation. In recent months we have encouraged scientific research and technological development in the production sector. Based on a new legal framework and a more efficient use of funds earmarked for innovation, we are creating a closer link between academia and the business sector.

Our fifth strategy is to strengthen consumer rights. Last year we targeted resources to reinforce the infrastructure of consumer service and the observance of consumer rights. In addition, we launched new  schemes to foster a smart-consumer culture, and we were able to strengthen consumer defense instruments through collective actions and better support of consumer organizations.

Finally, we made progress in the sixth strategy to consolidate Mexico as a global export power and investment destination. To achieve that, we pushed the economic integration of Mexico on the continent to raise our competitiveness and establish us as the bridge between Latin America and the North American region. We deepened our Free Trade Agreement with Colombia; reached a solution to the trucking conflict with the United States; and were endorsed as the second largest recipient of foreign investment in Latin America.

These important advances and their impact on the well-being of families fill us with enthusiasm. Nevertheless, we know that they are still not enough. Our country needs to continue to progress to forge the prosperous and equitable society that the Mexican people deserve. President Calderón is, therefore, doubling efforts for the future, to continue to build a more competitive economy and a stronger Mexico for the benefit of all.

Bruno Ferrari García de Alba