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Aware of the importance of making information on services, procedures and requirements public knowledge, the Ministry of Economy provides tools for electronic consultation. This in an effort towards transparency and legal certainty to the benefit of the general public.

Each procedure will give access to the following information: name; legal basis; how it should be submitted (in writing or free format); form (in which case, the date of publication in the Official Gazette of the Federation); data and documents it should contain or which should be attached; maximum response time; amount payable for duties or uses; validity of permits (licenses, authorizations, registrations and other solutions which are issued); administrative units to which the procedure should be submitted; public opening times, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail, address, etc.

To find out the status of a procedure, you can consult the Federal Register of Procedures and Services (Registro Federal de Trámites y Servicios) (RFTS) of the Federal Commission for Regulatory Improvement (Comisión Federal de la Mejora Regulatoria) (COFEMER), which is an on-line inventory of federal procedures and forms.