General Standards Office

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Every business that wants to sell a product or service must adhere to the guidelines. This will lead to better market positioning and improved product or service quality.

In accordance with the Secretariat of Economy's General Organization Manual, the General Standards Office is responsible for coordinating the standardization system and conformity assessment, based on the provisions of the Federal Law on Metrology and Standardization and its Regulations, to encourage the competitiveness of industry and trade in the national and international arena.

Some of its functions are:

1. To formulate, review, issue, modify, cancel and diffuse Official Mexican Standards and Mexican Standards, and define the date they come into effect.

2. To constitute, organize and preside over the National Advisory Committee on Standardization for the creation of official standards.

3. To register, verify and monitor national standardization organizations and, where appropriate, participate in their governing bodies, and suspend and cancel their registration.

4. To code Official Mexican Standards, Mexican Standards, foreign and international standards according to subject matter, keep an inventory and collection of these, and establish and operate the information service.

5. To authorize the use of passwords and official brands and, where appropriate, grant licenses for the use of those brands under the terms of the Federal Law on Metrology and Standardization and its Regulations.

6. To coordinate and supervise the National Accreditation System of Testing Laboratories and the National Calibration System and participate in them.

7. To participate in agreements with foreign and international official institutions for the mutual acknowledgment of the conformity assessment.