Micro Businesses

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EmprendedoresMicro businesses are those businesses with less than 10 workers, which generate annual sales of up to 4 million pesos and represent 95 percent of all businesses and 40 percent of jobs in the country; they also produce 15 percent of the Gross Domestic Product.

The Undersecretariat for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SPYME) has developed the "National Micro Business Program" for the application of public policies. This program supports business people with a) group training and on-site consulting, b) image approval and c) financing, for those who provide the full legal documentation.

According to the latest Economic Census published by the National Statistics and Geography Institute (INEGI) of the universe of economic units in Mexico: a) 95.2% are micro businesses, b) they generate 45.6% of employment, and c) they contribute 15% of the economy's added value.



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