Products and Services

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The Secretariat of Economy has identified the particular needs of each of the business segments: entrepreneurs, micro, small, medium-sized and large businesses, and has 5 basic products to help them: financing, marketing, training and consultancy, management, and innovation and technological development.


In addition to specific programs for each of the business segments, the SE's services and products encourage the generation, development and consolidation of business projects throughout the country.



Learn about the programs and products the SE uses to support funding for access to credits from financial institutions.




Find the management tools the SE offers to guarantee streamlined business processes.


Capacitación y Consultoría

Training and Consultancy

Training optimizes production processes. The SE designs and supports schemes for every kind of business.




The SE enables businesses to compete in the marketplace with strategies which allow them to identify potential opportunities.


Technological Innovation and Development

Innovation and Technological Development

Innovation intensifies the promotion of scientific research and technological development. Learn about the tools offered by the SE.




Find the Official Mexican Standards which may apply to the products and services you manufacture, market and/or import.


Export Basket

Export Basket

Learn about the SE's options for supporting Mexican businesses seeking to export their products.