The XVIII International Textile Fair 2012 Opens

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The Undersecretary of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses of the Secretariat of Economy, Miguel Marón, officially opened the XVIII International Textile Fair 2012 where he affirmed that among the event's objectives was the creation of synergies between SMBs and sectors to generate more and better jobs.

Accompanied by the Governor of Puebla, Rafael Moreno Valle, the official said the textile industry contributes more than 7% of Puebla's GDP of and grows at a similar rate.

Support mechanisms will also be put into effect for sectors like textiles, clothing, shoes and jewelry, to strengthen value chains which guarantee their success in domestic and international markets.

Mr. Marón Manzúr also spoke of the support given to business people and entrepreneurs during President Felipe Calderón's administration, and pointed out that between 2007 and 2012 the Guarantees Program México Emprende has generated an overspill of 315,819 million pesos in support for 374, 853 micro, small and medium-sized businesses, preserving 4,912,908 jobs and creating 187,427 new sources of employment.

He also commented that the Seed Capital Program 2012 adds to other federal government actions to drive the development of micro, small and medium-sized businesses, most notably the SMB Week, the Fonaes Expo and the Government Purchase Program.

FONAES to Earmark 500 Million Pesos for Women Micro Entrepreneurs

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The Secretary of Economy, Bruno Ferrari, announced that the National Support Fund for Social Enterprises (Fonaes) will earmark 500 million pesos to finance the creation of micro and small social enterprises made up of women entrepreneurs.

In the context of International Women's Day, the official said that those businesses headed by women generate on average four sources of employment which so far this six-year term amount to 60,000 job positions.

In the last five years, Fonaes has helped more than 26,300 micro, small and medium-sized social enterprises all over the country, of which 14,400 are largely made up of women, a figure which represents practically 55% of all financing.

For that reason, investment aimed at strengthening micro, small and medium-sized social enterprises integrated by women entrepreneurs, exceeds 2,819 million pesos, while the training strategy has been boosted to make women's businesses more competitive.

Currently, 85% of all Fonaes-supported micro and small businesses are still operating, but for businesses run by women the average rises to 92%.


Have you Heard about the Ventanilla Única?

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Ventanilla única

Ventanilla Única is the result of Mexico's need for trade facilitation given today's foreign trade which involves a great deal of procedures, paperwork and people. Represents a single point of entry for conducting procedures regarding imports, exports or transport of goods and once in operation will result in huge benefits for the more than 55,000 foreign trade users identified so far.

Ventanilla Única optimizes the interaction of businesses with the federal government, reducing costs for Mexican companies and encouraging small and medium-sized businesses to become more export focused. The better business climate will increase the competitiveness of national productive sectors and strengthen the country's business development.

In October 2011, the website was rolled out, beginning with the registration of businesses. Over the following weeks, the Secretariat of Economy's more than 100 procedures relating to import, export or transport of goods will be gradually released enabling businesses to not only submit their applications via Internet using the advanced electronic signature, but also to receive the decision by the same means, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

See the site Ventanilla Única

SE Presents the National Franchise Award

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The Undersecretary of the Small and Medium-Sized Business, Miguel Marón headed the presentation of the National Franchise Award with the assurance that this year 152 million pesos would be given to support businesses, confirming the sector's maturity and leadership in the creation of more and better jobs.

The official said that in the five years of the program, the Secretariat of Economy has granted 699,838,000 pesos in support, a figure which will increase by 7.6%, to a total of 852 million pesos.

Mr. Marón Manzúr commented that in 2012 the budget of 152,709,612 pesos, will be assigned to 1,083 franchises, support the creation of 448 new ones, generate around 2,240 new sources of employment and preserve some 200 job positions in the sector.

The National Franchise Program has enabled the opening of 1,923 points of sale and accredited 435 business models, generating 14,042 jobs.

“We are convinced that investing in a franchise provides security and certainty because it deals with products and services which are tried and tested by the consumer," he said.

The National Franchise Program in numbers: 1) the sector reported an annual growth of 12%;2) generated 600,000 direct jobs; 3) represents 6% of the national GDP; 4) generates annual sales of more than 10 billion pesos; 5) investments of 240 million pesos are estimated for 2012; and 6) Mexico occupies fifth place in the world.


National Quality Award to be Presented

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The Federal Government is preparing to present the National Quality Award (PNC), in recognition of businesses of excellence with innovation and management capacity.

The event will be presided over by President Felipe Calderón and the award will be presented to those businesses which have demonstrated that Mexico is the place to do business, generating sustainable jobs and achieving a competitive economy.

Since its creation, the National Quality Award has proven to be the best support, diagnostic and planning instrument for all organizations in Mexico, both for participants and those which use the model to improve performance, competitive position and level of sustainability. 

Candidates for the National Quality Award will receive as benefits:

a) Evaluation through a transparent, objective and confidential process, backed by a private, non-profit institution
b) Senior management's thinking focused on priorities which impact competitiveness
c) A discipline of objective evaluation and feedback, improving performance
d) Faster change to organizational culture


SE Launches “Connect your Business” Website

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The Undersecretary for SMBs of the Secretariat of Economy, Miguel Marón headed the launch of the "Connect your Business" website, in alliance with Google Mexico.

Under the innovation agenda, the federal official commented that the country has 4,361,260 registered micro, small and medium-sized businesses which make up 99.8% of all economic units in the country and which provide seven out of every ten jobs.

“By joining strengths and willingness, knowledge and experience, Entrepreneurial Mexico and Connect your Business, we are making more and better progress towards the construction of a modern sector, which enables businesses to climb to the next level," he said.

Accompanied by Miguel Alva, Marketing Director of Google Mexico, Mr. Marón Manzúr pointed out that they would work together to promote the e-trade culture in Mexico and facilitate the leveraging of information technologies for the development of SMBs.

Connect your Business is an initiative of Google and Jimdo, Banamex, Council for Communication, SMB Institute and  the Virtual University of Monterrey Tec, in collaboration with the Secretariat of Economy and Entrepreneurial Mexico.