Have you Heard about the Ventanilla Única?

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Ventanilla única

Ventanilla Única is the result of Mexico's need for trade facilitation given today's foreign trade which involves a great deal of procedures, paperwork and people. Represents a single point of entry for conducting procedures regarding imports, exports or transport of goods and once in operation will result in huge benefits for the more than 55,000 foreign trade users identified so far.

Ventanilla Única optimizes the interaction of businesses with the federal government, reducing costs for Mexican companies and encouraging small and medium-sized businesses to become more export focused. The better business climate will increase the competitiveness of national productive sectors and strengthen the country's business development.

In October 2011, the website was rolled out, beginning with the registration of businesses. Over the following weeks, the Secretariat of Economy's more than 100 procedures relating to import, export or transport of goods will be gradually released enabling businesses to not only submit their applications via Internet using the advanced electronic signature, but also to receive the decision by the same means, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

See the site Ventanilla Única