National Quality Award to be Presented

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The Federal Government is preparing to present the National Quality Award (PNC), in recognition of businesses of excellence with innovation and management capacity.

The event will be presided over by President Felipe Calderón and the award will be presented to those businesses which have demonstrated that Mexico is the place to do business, generating sustainable jobs and achieving a competitive economy.

Since its creation, the National Quality Award has proven to be the best support, diagnostic and planning instrument for all organizations in Mexico, both for participants and those which use the model to improve performance, competitive position and level of sustainability. 

Candidates for the National Quality Award will receive as benefits:

a) Evaluation through a transparent, objective and confidential process, backed by a private, non-profit institution
b) Senior management's thinking focused on priorities which impact competitiveness
c) A discipline of objective evaluation and feedback, improving performance
d) Faster change to organizational culture