Inflables Mexico

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inflables mexico

He worked hard for 5 years in the United States, but the jobs he found, as a building worker for example, were not only temporary but also poorly-paid.

He decided to return to his native Cuautitlán Izcalli, in Mexico State, to revisit his father's trade with new ideas. Cesar's plan was to turn the old workshop for making vulcanized canvas into an inflatables factory.

So began, in 2003, Inflables Mexico, whose development was possible thanks to the savings César was able to put away on the other side of the border.

The beginning was not easy. He began operations in a small room hardly big enough for the inflatables. He was also lacking the infrastructure to develop more complex jumpers.

In fact, he started with pencil-and-paper designs and used glue for the manufacturing since it was cheaper and easier to handle. Today, thanks to his determination to succeed and hard work, he designs in 3D and uses more modern manufacturing materials.

Such has been Inflables Mexico's success that its products are sold in Mexico and the United States, thanks to the partnership César established with Ivonne Farfán, who has taken on the promotion and marketing of the inflatables abroad.

The two friends and partners created a second company in the United States, dedicated to the marketing and rental of inflatables whose trade name is Rent@me.

Inflables Mexico now also designs and manufactures custom made inflatables which are not only for recreation but also for publicity purposes. César has been forced to learn new computer-aided design programs to satisfy the most demanding of his clients.

Today César has major short-term plans, among which are the construction of premises where he intends to distribute the production processes more effectively, and the acquisition of an innovative machine which will enable him to compete in the international market.

Now, 8 years on and in his own country, César is the owner of a successful business and has become what he always wanted to be: an entrepreneur.