OECD-SE 3rd Annual Conference

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OCDE-reforma regulatoria

Regulatory Improvement and Competition as Foundations for Competitiveness

Mexico's business environment has improved greatly over the last three years, as illustrated by international competitiveness indexes. Several initiatives on regulatory reform and competitiveness launched by Mexico's Federal Government, with the OECD's help, have been crucial to these achievements. They include the website tuempresa.gob.mx, the regulatory reform initiative Base Cero, the updated Regulatory Impact Assessment, the Strategy to Raise Productivity and Accelerate Growth, the OECD Guide to Improve the Regulatory Quality of State and Municipal Procedures in Mexico, among others. The OECD-SE 3rd Annual Conference on “Regulatory Improvement and Competition as Foundations for Competitiveness” will reflect on the results achieved in competitiveness, and identify the challenges for Mexico in the immediate future.