Business Climate Improves in Mexico's States: Doing Business 2012

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The World Bank's Doing Business in Mexico 2012 study is already in its fourth edition (2005, 2007, 2009 and 2012). The report analyzes the regulations in the 32 states which affect four stages in the life of a firm: business start-up, obtaining building permits, registering property and enforcing contracts. Indicators are used to analyze the economic impact of each regulation and identify reforms which have been successful, where and why.

Among the highlights of Doing Business in Mexico 2012, are the following:

Every one of the 32 states improved in at least one of the benchmarked areas and this is the first time the study documents regulatory reforms across the four indicators.

From 2009 to December 2011 a total of 64 reforms were recorded across the 32 states.

Since 2006, the business start-up stage has been cut by an average of 21 days (from 35 to 14), while 17 days have been sheared from the property registration stage (from 46 to 19).

Doing Business in Mexico 2012 was prepared by the World Bank's Global Indicators and Analysis Department and consultants C-Estrategia, and jointly financed by the federal government and the 32 states.

The project focuses mainly on small and medium-sized domestic businesses and uses standard case studies to analyze the regulations which impact their life. The project surveys almost 500 local experts: professionals and government officials who handle or assess regulatory and legal requirements on a daily basis. The data compiled is subjected to quality testing, and the Doing Business team also invites local governments to a review and validation of their preliminary data.

The federal government will continue to push public policies which enable the ongoing improvement of the country's business climate.




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