COCEX Agrees with the Antidumping Ruling on Chicken from the US

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La COCEX opinó a favor sobre la resolución final de la investigación antidumping de pierna y muslo de pollo de los estados unidos

The Foreign Trade Commission (Comisión de Comercio Exterior or COCEX) spoke out today in favor of the final ruling on the antidumping investigation into chicken legs and thighs from the United States.  

The Ministry of Economy found that US exporters engaged in unfair practices. However, price hikes as a result of Influenza A virus, subtype H7N3 are not explained by basic market factors and therefore, at the suggestion of the International Trade Practices Unit (Unidad de Prácticas Comerciales or UPCI) the countervailing duties set in the ruling will not be applied.

COCEX will analyze market development and give its opinion on the application of the countervailing duties.

The UPCI investigation involved a number of US producers and exporters and Mexican producers and importers. The Ministry of Economy held technical information meetings and a public hearing to ensure that all stakeholders, including the US government, were given the same opportunity to present arguments and evidence.

The Ministry of Economy will continue to support domestic chicken producers and promote the trade integration of the Mexican and US markets to benefit consumers in both countries. The final ruling will be published shortly in the Official Gazette of the Federation.


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