Mexico regrets U.S. decision on Mexican tomatoes

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Lamenta México decisión de Estados Unidos sobre el tomate mexicano

Today, the United States Department of Commerce (USDOC) released its introductory determination in which announces its intention of finishing the Antidumping Research of 1996 and the Suspension Agreement that has governed the Mexican tomato exports to the United States during the last 16 years.

Mexico’s government complains the hasty way in which the USDOC adopted this preliminary decision, without taking into account the request of our Mexican industry, submitted on August the 15th, celebrating inquiries with the USDOC with the purpose of finding a mutually satisfactory negotiated  solution.

The Ministry of Economy expresses its deep concern for the negative impact that this preliminary decision could represent to our bilateral trade relationship.

The USDOC did not value the adverse implications generated over the prices for the U.S. consumer as well as the jobs in both sides of the border. This decision is incongruous to the view expressed in past occasions of considering that the agreement is of public interest for that country, which has permitted the renovation of the agreement in two occasions as well as the validity for 16 years in benefit of both Mexico and the United States.

Beginning with the official publishing of this determination and into the following 6 weeks, the interested parties, including the Mexican industry of tomato, as well as the Mexican Government, will be able to present arguments against the USDOC decision, particularly on the 85% of support of the national production needed to end with the Suspension Agreement, as well as reaffirming its benefits.

We will continue to work in close coordination with our industry to present arguments against this hasty decision, and we will insist on working in a bilateral way between the USDOC and Mexican exporters to find a satisfactory solution mutually negotiated that allows to keep providing certainty to the tomato commercial trade to the United States –that in 2011, exceeded the 1.8 thousand million dollars figure- in benefit of exporters, traders, agribusiness workers and North-American consumers.



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