The progress of Mexico in Doing Business 2013, as a result of the ongoing effort to improve the competitiveness of the country

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Los avances de México en el Doing Business 2013, resultado del esfuerzo contínuo por mejorar la competitividad del país


Mr. Bruno Ferrari, Minister of Economy, said that the progress made by Mexico in the Index of Ease Doing Business 2013 of the World Bank passing from ranking 53 to 48 among a total of 185 economies evaluated, is the result of the ongoing effort to improve the competitiveness conditions of the country.

Referring to the study disclosed yesterday, the Minister of Economy emphasized that the results giving Mexico a progress for the fourth consecutive year in the general ranking of this index, even beyond BRIC –China, Russia, Brazil and India – are a sign indicating that the necessary improvements are carrying out and, the regulations having a direct impact on the ease of doing business in the country are being improved.

He also said that the Doing Business 2013 results are added to those of other recognized studies published this year, such as the Global Report of Competitiveness of the World Economic Forum and the Global Annual of Competitiveness of the Institute for Management Development, where Mexico has improved its ranking on the evaluations, which demonstrates the continuous progress on the economic and social areas.

In a press conference, in which he was joined by the Under Secretary of Competitiveness and Regulation of the Ministry of Economy, Mr. Jose Antonio Torre, and the Under Secretary of Incomes of the Finance Ministry, Jose Antonio Gonzalez, Mr. Ferrari said that this progress includes the approval from the laws and the improvement in the opening of companies, the development in the coverage for the health and education services, and the growth of the productive infrastructure.

He also recall that the evaluation of this index is based on two types of data, which are the revision of laws and regulations as well as the number of procedures, costs and time required to support each indicator.

He said that in the 2013 edition, the World Bank used 10 indicators for the general composition of the index, such as the access to the Electricity service, the property registry, getting a credit, tax payments, an easy way to open a company and, the accomplishment of contracts.

Mr. Ferrari detailed that in this evaluation the “company openings” had the best performance when Mexico was measured, due to this indicator improved 39 positions getting the ranking 36.

He considered that a friendly regulatory frame has important consequences, both economy and day to day life for citizens, which is translated into the ability to bring foreign investment, the probability to include people and informal business to the economy, the possibility of increasing the collection rate of the different government organizations, the ability to provide more and better public services, and the probability of cultivating competition.

In his own right, Under Secretary of Competitiveness and Regulation of the Ministry of Economy, Mr. Jose Antonio Torre, was referred to other advances registered by the country, regarding construction licenses, obtaining of electricity, accomplishment of contracts, while the Under Secretary of Finance, Jose Antonio Gonzalez did the same in the business of Tax Payment.


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