México participa en la II reunión del Consejo de Ministros de la Alianza del Pacífico en Cartagena de Indias, Colombia (2)

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Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru participated today in the Second Meeting of Ministers of the Pacific Alliance at Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

During the meeting attended by Minister of Economy, Mr. Bruno Ferrari, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Patricia Espinosa, the Mexican Government announced from this date the abolition of visas for Colombian and Peruvian traveling to our country as visitors without permission for performing paid activities.

With this, Mexico is fulfilling the offer made by the President Mr. Felipe Calderon Hinojosa at Paranal, Chile, last June when the Framework Agreement, constitutive instrument of the Pacific Alliance, was signed.

With the decision adopted by Mexico, The Pacific Alliance takes a decisive step in its aspiration to be constituted as an area free of goods, capital, services and people circulation.

The measure practically establishes the Pacific Alliance as a space open to the legal, ordered and safe migratory flows among its members. It was possible for the Mexican Government to adopt this decision thanks to, as stated in the Paranal Declaration, the States constituted an early warning mechanism and interchange of information in real time to ensure that the maximum flexibility in matter of migration cannot be exploited for illegal purposes.


The abolition of the visa requirement for Peruvians and Colombians favors a large number of people entering to our country for periods less than six months and that not perform paid or gainful activities.


With this decision we can see a progress on the objectives to expand the tourism exchanges and promote the commercial relationships and investments in Mexico with its partners of the Pacific Alliance. Since a long time, Chilean were already exempt from the visa requirement to enter Mexico.

This is the result of the effort among Ministries, with the important leadership of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Public Security, together with the Research and National Security Center and the Migration National Institute, as well as the security agencies of the countries of the Pacific Alliance.

Moreover, Ministers also reviewed the progress registered in matter of trade and integration, services and capital, as well as cooperation aspects between the four countries. In this latest entry, Ministers welcomed the recent publication of the call for academic exchange scholarship “Pacific Alliance” for students and, university degree and master degree professors.

Presidents of the Alliance’s countries held a Summit meeting next week at Cadiz, Spain, within the ambit of the Ibero-American Summit.

The Pacific Alliance comprises a potential market of over 200 million people; for Mexico, the countries of the Pacific Alliance represent the third destination of Mexican exports to the world.

In 2011, trade between Mexico and the Pacific Alliance was 12,500 million dollars, 30 per cent of the total trade with Latin America. In the same year, our exports to the Alliance increased 9 billion dollars and imports accounted for slightly more than 3,500 million dollars.



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