Intercessional working rounds of the Trans-Pacific were inaugurated

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Inauguran trabajos de la ronda Intersesional del Acuerdo de Asociación Transpacífico

Before the representatives of 10 delegations comprising the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), the Government of Mexico opened the intersessional working rounds at Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, where issues related to the improvement of regulatory practices and development will be analyzed.

The starting of this round marks the inclusion of Mexico and Canada, two of the countries who has joined to the TPP recently, as well as the preparation of the way to be followed to the next formal round of agreements to be held in New Zealand.

Undersecretary of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economy, Mr. Francisco de Rosenzweig, said that the incorporation of this negotiating process to our country was recognition to the importance of the strategic role that Mexico has as the biggest economy of Latin America in the Pacific Basin, as well as an investment destination and commercial partner.

He said in the opening: “We are working diligently to analyze the texts and make a positive contribution to the negotiation as in Mexico as in New Zealand where negotiation will take place during the next weeks”.

Before the representatives of United States, Chile, Peru, Vietnam, Malaysia, New Zealand and Canada, as well as representatives of the Mexican private sector, Undersecretary of Economy emphasized that Mexico has expressed strongly against protectionism, while it has struggled to the markets opening and the integration of economies, particularly in this time prevailing a complex global economic scenario.

He said that TPP for Mexico implies the possibility of starting its economic potential. He also emphasized that both, trade and commercial opening, represent tools that can help job creation and development.

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