Seminar on Mexican Export Control System

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Press Release No 133/2012
Mexico City June 6 2012. 

The seminar "An Agenda for the Future: implementation of Mexico's international commitments for the control of nuclear and dual-use technology exports” is intended to inform the industry on the functioning of the Mexican Export Control System and the requirements (compatible with the highest international standards) to which it must adhere.

Called by the relevant Federal Government agencies (Secretariat of Energy, Secretariat of Economy and the General Customs Administration), the nuclear industry seminar was held in the installations of the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs and inaugurated by the SE's Undersecretary of Industry and Trade, Lorenza Martínez Trigueros.
At the meeting, there was room for dialog and reflection on the export industry's concerns and observations regarding the Federal Government's requirements in this area.
The Undersecretary of Economy spoke to representatives of participating companies about the importance Mexico gives to the strengthening of trade exchange and the role exports play in the national economy.
Minister Arturo Hernández Basave, Director General for the United Nations, of the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs, emphasized that Mexico's entry to Export Control Regimens is closely tied to the nation's security and industrial and technological development.
He said that Mexico, as a highly productive country, should form part of the regimens, participating in decision-making bodies and not be limited solely to following the guidelines they produce. He also pointed out that the incorporation of Mexico into these regimes is consistent with its foreign policy and with the purposes of non-proliferation and disarmament in the interest of promoting peace and international security.
In the seminar, the relevant agencies in the Export Control System presented the procedures and requirements that will be necessary when the national regulatory framework comes into force.
Throughout the seminar, participants emphasized Mexico's capacity as a relevant exporter of high-technology goods and its potential in this important economic sector. They mentioned the importance of reliable export controls to aid the sector's development. Specialists from the agencies explained the requirements to meet the current standards of nuclear export control regimes.
For their part, General Electric-Hitachi and Metalúrgica Lazcano, as well as the National Institute of Nuclear Research, shared their experience as exporters on the new procedures for applying the regulations and said that compliance with them has given them a significant advantage over their competitors as reliable and secure trade partners.
Jaime González Aguadé, Undersecretary of Electricity of the Secretariat of Energy closed the seminar by thanking companies for their participation and reiterating the willingness of the Federal Government to continue promoting the dialog with them.  
Through the Mexican Export Control System, the Mexican Government orchestrates its international commitments for the purposes of non-proliferation and disarmament in the interest of promoting peace and international security.
For more information about the seminar and the procedures of the Mexican Export Control System, please visit the following websites:

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