Mexico Consolidates Auto Sector Leadership

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Press Release No 185/12
Durango, Durango, August 15, 2012


President Felipe Calderón opens Delphi's Arneses Automotrices Durango I plant.

Delphi invests US$23 million and will create more than 3000 direct jobs.

Mexico is an undeniable leader of the automotive sector and an attractive, safe investment destination, assured Economy Secretary, Bruno Ferrari, at today's opening ceremony of Delphi's Arneses Automotrices Durango I plant, in the presence of President Felipe Calderón.

Joined by the Governor of Durango, Jorge Herrera, Mr. Ferrari said the new plant represents not only Delphi's US$23 million investment, or the 3000 direct jobs created to date, but also confidence in the working, enterprising and innovative spirit of the Mexican people.

He emphasized that the wiring and circuits plant joins the ever-widening set of industries which strengthen the automotive and auto parts sector and will fuel the growth of production and competitiveness.

This investment further strengthens the industry and generates better opportunities for the Durango and Mexican people, he said, adding that the plant is a clear example that Mexico is making steady headway along the right path.

Thanks to federal government support, not only has Mexico positioned as the world's eighth largest light vehicle producer and fourth largest exporter, this important economic sector now represents a fifth of manufacturing production and four percent of GDP.



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