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Press Release No. 210/12
México, D.F., September the 13th 2012


Nestlé Group México strengthens its leadership in sustainability announcing that today 85% of its electric power requirements are provided by renewable energy.

With this action, we reduce carbon dioxide emissions on the environment equal to taking out of circulation 39,000 cars a year.

Nestlé Group México, a leader enterprise in the Nutrition, Health and Welfare fields, is at the forefront in taking advantage of renewable energetic resources being the first enterprise in the food industry in Mexico to obtain 85 percent of the electric power requirements from its factories in the country, through the supply of the greatest part of wind power generated at the park Bii Nee Stipa II located in the area known as La Ventosa, in the Istmo de Tehuantepec in the state of Oaxaca.

“We at Nestlé Group México are very proud to communicate that the commitment we made a year ago, today is a reality, as 85 percent of our electric power requirements come from a very clean and renewable source, as only the wind can be. We know we are the first food enterprise taking advantage of this valuable resource the country is rich of, but we are sure that more enterprises from every industry will join this kind of actions each day, because its’ a priority in benefit of our planer”, said Marcelo Melchior, Nestlé Group México’s Administration’s CEO and Chairman of the Board.

“Wind Power usage from Nestlé’s side, comes from the “La Ventosa” area in the Istmo de Tehuantepec, this is a clear simple of its global leadership, its compromise with the environment and with the efforts done in México in order to advance towards a more competitive economy and a greener growth. Just as it can be seen nowadays, and due to the potential our country has for the generation of Wind Power, it is clear México has the capability to become a global leader in the production of clean power. To achieve this, we will keep pushing the use of these power sources and doing the necessary actions to promote the investments in renewable energies in our country, countersigning this way President Felipe Calderón’s compromise, which is, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions fighting Climatic Changes”, commented Bruno Ferrari, Minister of Economy.

“Enel Green Power’s total investment for the realization of Bee Nee Stipa II sum around 160 million dollars, we consider this a strategic achievement in our wind development plans in México, country where we already successfully work at hydroelectric plants and a photovoltaic solar plant,” said Nicola Melchiotti, Enel Green Power Mexico and Central America’s CEO, subsidiary of the Italian Group Enel and global leader in operation and development of renewable plants, operated by the wind park Bii Nee Stipa II.

Wind park Bii Nee Stipa II (in Zapoteco language, wind that brings strength), located at “La Ventosa”, Oaxaca, has 37 wind turbines, each with a capability of 2 Megawatts, providing it with an installed capability of 74 Megawatts, which allows it to reproduce 250,000 Megawatts-annual hours of clean power.

With the start of this plant’s supply last July, Nestlé Group México stopped releasing more than 124,000 CO2 tons to the environment per year, which equals taking out of circulation 39,000 compact cars annually.

Nestlé Group México’s announcement contributes to the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All objective, proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly, consisting in strengthening people’s conscience on the importance of increasing the sustainable access to energy, energetic efficiency and renewable energy, to have a positive impact on productivity, health, education, climatic changes, food and water reliability as well as the communication services.

Finally, this event joins the sixth phase in the campaign “Con Nestlé, Cuidarse es Disfrutar” (To take care of yourself means to enjoy), including various actions in benefit of Mexican families’ Nutrition, Health and Welfare. Nestlé Group México will keep establishing the use of new technologies for the efficient use of natural resources in the 14 factories across the country.

Nestlé is the world leader enterprise in Nutrition, Health and Welfare issues. It employs more than 328,000 people in 461 factories, located in 83 countries and its products are sold everywhere. With more than 80 years in Mexico, Nestlé is also the leader Enterprise in Nutrition, Health and Welfare in the country, backed by 32 global research facilities, 14 factories and 16 distribution centers in 17 states, in which more than 6,500 direct employments are generated. Nestlé sustains its Shared Value Creation strategy by generating concrete benefits for the Mexican society, promoting the quality of its food products and basing its growth on the impulse to Nutrition, Health and Welfare with products made for each stage of life as well as taking care of its different aged consumers. Visit: www.Nestlé

Carlos Guzmán, ProMéxico CEO and Nicola Melchiotti, Enel Green Power Mexico and Central America’s CEO also assisted to this announcement.



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