Mexican Standards Catalog

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Pursuant to Article 2 of the Internal Regulations of the Federal Metrology and Standardization Law, the Secretariat of Economy, through the General Directorate of Standards, is responsible for the operation of the Mexican Standards Catalog.

The Mexican Standards Catalog is permanently reviewed and updated according to NOM and NMX-related publications which are notified through the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) and include: Statements of Enforcement, projects concerning standards, cancellations and amendments and responses to comments.

According to the Federal Metrology and Standardization Law, there are basically three types of standards:

Official Mexican Standards (NOM) are mandatory technical regulations. They regulate products, processes and services when these may constitute a risk to people, animals, vegetables and the environment in general, among others.

Mexican Standards (NMX) are developed by a national standardization body, or the SE. They establish the minimum quality requirements of products and services in order to protect and guide consumers. Their application is voluntary, except in those cases where individuals express that their products, processes or services conform to them, or when a NOM requires the observance of a NMX for specific purposes.

Reference Standards (NRF) are developed by public administration entities for application to goods or services they acquire, lease or hire, when Mexican or international standards do not cover the relevant requirements or their specifications are obsolete or inapplicable.

Recent Information

The most relevant papers are published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF)


Official Mexican Standards Catalog

Find out about the Official Mexican Standards, NOM (standards projects, emergency standards, definitive standards), issued by the Federal Government.


Mexican Standards Catalog (NMX)

Find the list of Mexican Standards, NMX (standards projects and definitive standards), issued by the SE or National Standardization Bodies (NSB).


Reference Standards

Standards developed by federal public administration entities (e.g. PEMEX , CFE)