Conformity Assessment

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Conformity assessment is the determination of the degree of compliance with Official Mexican Standards or Mexican Standards, international standards or other specifications, prescriptions or characteristics. It includes, among other concepts, sampling procedures, testing, calibration, certification and verification.

All products, processes, methods, installations, services or activities must comply with Official Mexican Standards.

When a product or service must comply with a certain Official Mexican Standard, its imported equivalent must also comply with the specifications established in the said standard.

The Federal Metrology and Standardization Law establishes the possibility for private entities to perform the conformity assessment function through visual verification, sampling, measurement, laboratory testing or documentary examination.

These conformity assessment agents, depending on their activities and functions, are known as:

a) Certification Organisms

b) Testing Laboratories

c) Calibration Laboratories

d) Verification Units

For the conformity assessment of Official Mexican Standards, a competence of the Secretariat of Economy, conformity assessment agents must be accredited and approved.