National Standardization Program and Supplement

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The National Standardization Program (PNN) is the informative planning instrument that lists the topics to be developed as Official Mexican Standards (NOMs), Mexican Standards (NMX) and Reference Standards (NRFs) each year.

The program is made up of information provided by the 24 National Consulting Standardization Committees responsible for the development of NOMs, the 35 National Technical Standardization Committees and 9 National Standardization Bodies jointly responsible for the development of NMXs and the 2 Standardization Committees for the development of NRFs.

The PNN is integrated each year by the Technical Secretariat of the National Standardization Commission, reviewed by the Technical Council of the same and approved by the National Standardization Commission (CNN) itself at the first meeting of each year.

The deadline for the inclusion of topics in the PNN is November 30 each year. To be included, the topic should adhere to the PNN's rules for inclusion approved by the CNN. When required, the CNN may approve the development of a supplement to the PNN, in which case, the topics to be included should be sent to the CNN's Technical Secretariat no later than June 30 of the relevant year.

Compliance with the PNN is assessed annually by the CNN's Technical Council in accordance with the provisions of the PNN's Assessment Mechanism.

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