National Standardization Technical Committees

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The National Standardization Technical Committees (Comités Técnicos de Normalización Nacional, CTNN) are organs recognized by the Secretariat of Economy (SE) and their function is to develop Mexican standards (NMX) in those areas of industry where a National Standardization Organisms does not exist.

Mexican standards are classified into branches or economic sectors according to the following table:


Industrial Sector or Branch Letter
Textile Industry A
Environmental Protection AA
Graphic Arts AG
Steel Products B
Metal Blinds, Shutters and Rods BA
Products and Equipment for Medical, Hospital and Laboratory Use BB
Construction Materials C
Quality Systems CC
Control, Measurement and Statistics Apparatus CH
E-Business COE
Vehicles (auto parts) D
Automotive Locksmith Services DA
Blueprint and Photocopying DD
Technical Drawing DT
Plastics and their Products E
Conformity Assessment EC
Container and Packaging Products EE
Electronic Data Exchange EDI
Solar Energy ES
Food Products F
Non-Industrialized Food Products for Human Use FF
Pharmaceutical Products G
Cranes and Lifting Devices GR
Technology Management GT
Metalwork, Welding and Metallic Coating Products H
Electronics Industry I
Electricity Industry J
Chemical Products K
Oil Refining, Distillation and Exploration Products L
End-Use Chemicals M
Equipment and Materials for Offices and Schools N
Equipment for General Use in Industry and Agriculture O
Glass Industry P
Items Used for Optics PA
Handicrafts and Pottery PP
Products and Equipment for Domestic Use Q
Miscellaneous Industries R
Security S
Environmental Administration Systems SAA
Industrial Hygiene  SS
Health and Safety at Work Management Systems SAST
Rubber Products T
Turism TT
Paints, Varnishes and Lacquers U
Alcoholic Drinks V
Non-Ferrous Metal Products W
Toys WW
Equipment for the Handling and Use of LP and Natural Gas X
Agricultural Industry Y
Basic Standards and Symbols Z