High-Level Regulatory Cooperation Council (HLRCC) between Mexico and United States

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The HLRCC is a bilateral initiative aimed at facilitating compliance with regulations and reducing the costs of transactions which promote and trade and investment between both countries


On May 29, 2010, Presidents Felipe Calderón and Barack Obama reaffirmed the strategic bilateral collaboration between Mexico and the United States, instructing the creation of the High-Level Regulatory Cooperation Council between Mexico and the United States, composed of senior officials from entities dedicated to the regulations, trade and foreign relations of the two countries.

Terms of Reference

The Council has 6 main objectives:

  1. To make regulations more compatible, enhance simplification and reduce administrative costs, without putting public health, public safety, environmental protection or national security at risk.

  2.  To increase regulatory transparency for the building of regulatory frameworks designed to reach greater levels of competitiveness and promote development.

  3. To simplify regulatory requirements by means of public participation. 

  4. To improve and simplify regulations by strengthening the analytical basis of the regulations.

  5. To connect regulatory harmonization and simplification with improvements to customs and border crossing processes.

  6. To improve technical cooperation.

    The Council's Terms of Reference also established that the Council's first task would be to implement a Work Plan to implement the said objectives. 

Public Consultation

In order to carry out the Council's first task, both countries embarked on an extensive consultation process with the general public.

On March 3, 2011, the United States Department of Trade published an invitation in the Public Register calling for the public to propose possible areas of regulatory improvement between both countries. The invitation was closed on April 14, 2011 after receiving 48 comments.
A similar invitation was published in Mexico on April 14, 2011 in the Official Gazette of the Federation. The public consultation ended on May 16, 2011 having received 252 proposals for regulatory improvement between Mexico and the United States. It also included the participation of 79 businesses and 26 chambers of commerce. The main topics addressed in the proposals were the following.
“It was suggested that those proposals which were not incorporated into the Council's Work Plan be analyzed and considered in parallel by existing committees within the NAFTA, such as the Committee on Standards-Related Measures  (CSRM) and the Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (CSPM), among others.”


Subsecretaría de Competitividad y Normatividad
Fausto Gerardo Gurrea Martínez
Jefe de la Unidad de Promoción al Comercio Exterior y la Inversión.
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5729-9100 ext. 15003
Subsecretaría de Comercio Exterior
Lic. Juan Antonio Dorantes Sánchez
Director General de Análisis de Comercio Exterior
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57299100 ext. 15303