Initiative for Strengthening Competition and Regulatory Reform for Competitiveness

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What is the Objective?
The objective is to improve Mexico's competitiveness through the reform and amendment of the regulatory and institutional framework, and improve the business environment by facilitating the opening, operation and growth of its businesses. In addition, this initiative generates proposals to promote Mexico's development by boosting productivity, economic growth and the generation of better quality products and services at better prices.
What does the OECD do for Mexico?
 The OECD has provided Mexico with recommendations, strategies, advice and the construction of capacities based on international best practices. The OECD's contributions have taken the form of notes, executive presentations, detailed reports, courses, work documents and formal OECD publications.
Who is Involved?
The initiative is coordinated by the Undersecretary of Competitiveness and Regulations of the Ministry of Economy and involves OECD specialists on regulatory policy and competitiveness policy, the Federal Commission on Regulatory Reform (Cofemer) and the Federal Competitiveness Commission (CFC).