Direct Foreign Investment

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Direct Foreign Investment (DFI) is investment, which aims to create a lasting interest and with long term economic, or business purposes by a foreign investor in the receiving country. The literature and empirical evidence identify DFI as an important catalyst for development, having the potential to generate jobs, increase savings and foreign exchange earnings, stimulate competition, motivate the transfer of new technologies and boost exports; all of which have a positive impact on the productive and competitive environment of a country.

The Directorate General of Foreign Investment (DGIE) is the Administrative Unit of the Secretariat of Economy whose responsibilities include the issue of administrative resolutions under the Foreign Investment Law; the administration and operation of the National Register of Foreign Investment (RNIE); the preparation and publication of statistics on the behavior of DFI on national soil; acting as the Technical Secretary of the National Foreign Investment Commission; representing Mexico in international investment forums; assisting in the promotion and attraction of investment; diffusing information and studies on the country's investment climate and implementing public policy guidelines on DFI. 

For more information on investment promotion, you are invited to consult ProMéxico, the organism responsible for coordinating the strategies aimed at strengthening Mexico's participation in international economy.


Promoción de Inversiones

National Register of Foreign Investment

Consult the necessary procedures for the registration of foreign businesses in Mexico.


Official Statistics of DFI Flow in Mexico

Consult the statistical reports on DFI flows into Mexico and their historical behavior.