International Affairs

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The General Directorate of Foreign Investment (Dirección General de Inversión Extranjera, DGIE) plays an important role internationally due to the current relevance of world investment.

Among the DGIE's most important activities are steering and coordinating Mexico's participation in international forums and foreign investment bodies, in order to further international cooperation, foster the understanding of best practices, drive the creation of better public policies, increase the negotiation of international instruments and promote the country abroad.

In addition, the DGIE conducts research and studies on public policy topics to strengthen the investment climate in Mexico. It also proposes improvement measures which are reflected in greater participation in foreign investment thus impacting a competitive economy that generates jobs.


Foro de Cooperación Económica Asia PacíficoAPEC. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum is a multilateral forum created in 1989. It comprises 21 economies seeking to promote free trade, investment and economic and technical cooperation throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Mexico has formed part of the forum since 1993.



Organización Mundial de CmercioARCO. The Latin American-Pacific Basin forum is a coordination and cooperation mechanism to identify and implement joint actions aimed at creating economic and trade synergies between the participating countries, taking into account their common interest in strengthening Asia-Pacific economic relations.



Organisation for Economic Co-operation and DevelopmentOECD. The Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation is an international body formed by 34 leading countries in the major economic regions of the world, whose primary objective is to advance the expansion of the economy and employment to elevate the quality of life of member countries, maintaining financial stability and thereby contributing to the development of the world economy.



Organización Mundial de CmercioWTO. The World Trade Organization is the only international body that deals with the standards governing trade between countries. The pillars that govern it are the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and the General Agreement on Trade in Service to which most of the countries participating in world trade have adhered. 



Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre Comercio y DesarrolloUNCTAD. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development is remarkable for its contributions regarding international policies on trade and development, including regional and global investment. Its evolution has been such that it is now the main reference for the design of provisions and principles for the protection and promotion of international investment.