National Foreign Investment Commission

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The DGIE, through the Directorate of Judicial Affairs and the National Foreign Investment Commission, answers inquiries, issues administrative decisions, and authorizes the use of the neutral investment mechanism, the registration of foreign companies in the Public Registry of Commerce and the establishment of foreign legal entities of a civil nature.

In addition, it monitors and verifies compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions for foreign investment and, where appropriate, imposes the corresponding sanctions.

Current Situation of the National Foreign Investment Commission (CNIE):

Structure and Operation Responsibilities

Integrated by the heads of ten Secretariats of State

To issue policy guidelines on DFI and design mechanisms for its promotion.

Presided over by the Secretary of Economy

Body which must be consulted on DFI matters by agencies and entities of the Federal Public Administration

Structure of the operation

  • - Representative Committee

  • - Executive Secretary

  • - Technical Secretary

Issue general decisions on DFI

  • - Criteria for the application of legal and regulatory provisions

Not subordinated to any Secretariat or agency


Heads should meet at least twice a year, representatives three times a year


Decide on the appropriateness, terms of conditions of DFI participation in activities or acquisitions with specific regulation