About the RNIE

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What is the RNIE?

The National Register of Foreign Investment (Registro Nacional de Inversiones Extranjeras, RNIE) is the area of Federal Government responsible for the accounting and tracking of foreign investment flows in our country.

When was the RNIE created?


The RNIE was created in March 1973, with the publication of the Law to Promote Mexican Investment and Regulate Foreign Investment. The goal was for the Mexican Government to monitor compliance with the provisions on foreign investment and have a source of information which showed the behavior of foreign investment in the country. The aforementioned Law, was abrogated in December 1993 with the publication of the Foreign Investment Law, reformed by Decrees published on May 12 1995, June 7 1995, December 24 1996, January 23 1998, January 19 1999 and June 4 2001.


Although the Law to Promote Mexican Investment and Regulate Foreign Investment was repealed, the purposes for which it was created continue to be recognized in the current Foreign Investment Law.


How is the RNIE structured? 


For organization and functioning, the RNIE is divided into three sections:

First Section: Foreign individuals and legal entities.

Second Section: Companies.

Third Section: Trusts.

This structure is grounded on Article 31 of the Foreign Investment Law and Article 31 of the Regulations of the Foreign Investment Law and the National Register of Foreign Investment. 


What procedures should be done with the RNIE?


a) Registration application

b) Notification of amendments to information previously provided to the RNIE

c) Quarterly income and expenditure reports

d) Submission of an Annual Economic Report

e) Application to cancel registration

f) Notices from public notaries


Where is the RNIE?

In order to provide a flexible, timely service to individuals, the Mexican Government has decentralized the RNIE's activities in dealing with procedures, so that paperwork can be submitted:

In any of the Secretariat of Economy's 51 Federal Delegations and Subdelegations in different states and municipalities of the Mexican Republic; or in the Directorate General of Foreign Investment, situated at Insurgentes Sur N° 1940, piso 8, Col. Florida, CP 01030, Mexico, DF, Tel. 52-29-61-00, Ext. 33431, 33410, 33400, 33403, 33422, 33419, 33423, 33424, 33409, 33439, 33428. Documentation can be send to the Federal Agencies or to the Directorate General of Foreign Investment by fax, certified mail or private courier, with return receipt where applicable. The official response or ruling will be returned by the same means, providing a payment receipt for the services requested was attached to the documentation.


How long will it take for the RNIE to respond?

The RNIE will respond in no more than 20 working days counting from the day following submission of the documentation. After this time, if no ruling is issued on the procedure requested, it shall be taken that the form was not properly completed.