Foreign Trade

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Foreign TradeThe goal of the trade policy of this Administration is to strengthen and enliven the export platform to achieve greater geographical diversification of its export sales.

The Ministry of Economy works on five strategic agendas:

1) Optimization of the existing trade agreement network
2) Negotiation of new agreements
3) Convergence of treaties
4) Strengthening of the multilateral trade system
5) Legal defense of Mexico's trade interests

International Trade Negotiations

International Trade Negotiations

Treaties and Agreements Signed by Mexico

Mexico has a network of 12 FTAs, 28 RIPPAs and 9 trade agreements within the framework of the ALADI.



Statistics and Tariff Information

Charts, reports and enquiry systems that reflect Mexico's trade exchange behavior, developed from official information provided by the INEGI and BANXICO.

Dispute Resolution

Foreign Trade Resolutions

Legal Trade Procedures

Dispute resolution procedures in which Mexico has participated under international trade agreements.

Agencies Abroad

The SE around the World

Agencies Abroad

The SE has seven agencies around the world which contribute to Mexico's consolidation as an export power and investment destination.