SE Works in Defense of Exporters

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The Secretariat of Economy made known that it would continue to work in favor of the commercial and legal defense of Mexican exporters. The announcement is in relation to the antidumping investigations by the United States against Mexico for galvanized wire, refrigerators and washing machines.

This follows the recent publication of the Department of Trade's final decision regarding dumping in the investigation against Mexican and Korean exports of bottom-freezer refrigerators, with the following margins: LG, 30.34%; Mabe, 6%; Samsung, 15.95%; Electrolux, 22.94% and for the rest, 20.26%.

It is worth mentioning that although no definitive compensatory fees have been imposed by the United States International Trade Commission, which has until April 30 to issue its final decision on potential damages, the SE will work with the export companies to evaluate the actions they consider appropriate, including objecting to the measure before a panel of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Mexico and Brazil Studying Automotive Sector Agreement

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The Secretary of Economy, Bruno Ferrari, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Patricia Espinosa, and the Undersecretary of Foreign Trade of the SE, Francisco de Rosenzweig, will meet with their Brazilian counterparts to study Brazil's stance on ACE 55.

Both countries are considered the largest economies in the Latin American region in terms of population and Gross Domestic Product and their trade relationship is mutually beneficial since it helps to underpin the economic development of LA.

The Mexican Government reiterated the necessity for both countries to continue to work towards a deeper economic and trade relationship, based on clear rules and mutual trust in light of the achievements to date in the bilateral integration process. The government also acknowledged the relevance of the Brazilian market for Mexican exports and investment and is listening to the issues brought up by Brazil.

It is worth mentioning that ACE 55, which came into effect in 2003, has enabled the Mexican and Brazilian automotive industries to exploit their complementarities and further the integration of their production processes, through the free trade of goods (vehicles and their parts), thereby generating economic growth in both nations.


  • Currently, 51% of bilateral trade happens under the auspices of ACE 55.

  • Brazil reported a trade surplus of more than US$21.5 billion from 2003 to 2011.

  • Mexico reported a deficit of US$10.412 billion from the trade of ACE 55 products.

  • In 2011, Mexico obtained a total trade surplus with Brazil of US$330 million.

  • Trade in vehicles and autoparts was US$887 million.


Mexico and Brazil Seek Balance in the Automotive Sector

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Mexico and Brazil agreed to seek mutually satisfactory mechanisms to balance bilateral trade in the automotive sector. This process will be developed in close communication with the Mexican automotive sector representation. 

Furthermore, both countries agreed to maintain permanent technical communication and hold a further meeting on February 28 and 29 in Mexico City.

Communiqué 1.

Communiqué 2.

Results of the Mexico-Japan EPA

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El Agreement for the Strengthening of the Economic Partnership (EPA) between Mexico and Japan was signed in September 2004 and came into effect in 2005 with the aim of guaranteeing better market opportunities and furthering the trade liberalization process.

Among the principal results of the Mexico-Japan EPA are:

Agricultural products: market access is improved for certain agricultural products of major interest to Mexico to expand opportunities for Mexican agriculture.

Industrial products: contribute to improving industry competitiveness and guaranteeing access to quality inputs at lower costs.

Customs procedures: an Authorized Export System was agreed to simply the certification of origin of goods.

Transparency in the application of import tariffs: at the time of customs clearance, the lowest tariff between the most-favored nation's tariff to the world and the preferential tariff applicable under the EPA will be applied.

On February 21, 2011 the end of negotiations was reached to gain better market access for agrifood and industrial products of interest to both countries, and from other disciplines to facilitate business opportunities between Mexico and Japan.



Keys to the Mexico-Peru Trade Agreement

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On April 6, 2011 Peru and Mexico signed a Trade Integration Agreement in Lima, Peru, as part of an international trade negotiations strategy to diversify exports and strengthen Mexico's integration with Latin America.

See the Mexico-Peru TIA Factsheet

This Trade Integration Agreement establishes commitments in four major areas:

1.- Goods trade-tariffs; rules of origin; customs procedures; recognition of denominations of origin; safe harbor; sanitary measures; technical obstacles to trade and, unfair practices.

2.- Services trade–cross-border; financial services; temporary entry of individuals and, mutual recognition of education certificates.

3.- Investment–including investor guarantees and access to an international arbitration mechanism.

4.- Institutional affairs and dispute resolution mechanism.


Mexico Accepted as a Member of the Wassenaar Arrangement

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The Secretariats of Economy and Foreign Affairs announced that Mexico had been accepted as a full member of the Wassenaar Arrangement for Export Controls of Conventional Weapons, Goods and Dual Use Technologies (WA).

Approval for the admission was given by a consensus of 40 member countries and implies the recognition of Mexico as a secure nation for dual use goods and technology and a reliable destination for investment in the production of these types of goods.

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Ventanilla Única Launched

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President Felipe Calderón and the Secretary of Economy, Bruno Ferrari, officially opened the Mexican Foreign Trade Digital Window, which will reduce processes and costs as well as strengthen the country's position for joining trade integration initiatives like the Trans-Pacific Alliance.

During the event, the head of the SE noted that the launch of the Digital Window strengthens the fight and defense against unfair trade practices, in addition to enabling the country to climb between 20 and 26 positions in trade facilitation indices. 

Ferrari García de Alba emphasized that foreign trade accounts for 60% of the GDP and generates one of every five jobs in the country, which pay, on average, 37% higher salaries than non-exporting company jobs.
“ One of our major challenges is to build a business environment which fosters efficiency in companies, significantly reduces their costs, facilitates the daily life of entrepreneurs and motivates research and innovation," he said.

The Chief Executive was accompanied at the launch by the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, José Antonio Meade, and the head of Tax Administration Services, Alfredo Gutiérrez Ortiz Mena.


Mexico and France Make a Stand Against Protectionism

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The Secretary of Economy, Bruno Ferrari and the French Foreign Trade Minister, Pierre Lellouche agreed to strengthen the common fight against protectionism and made assurances that the economic relationship between both nations is in a stage of clear growth.

In a joint statement to communication media, the officials said that strengthening the fight against protectionism is an attempt to avoid trade being affected by new protectionist measures, including restrictions and prohibited practices to promote exports.

The head of the SE  went on to say that in the last decade, trade exchange between both countries grew 89% going from US$1,907 million in 2001 to US$3,611 million in 2010, an average growth rate of 7%.

“We reiterate our commitment to the Doha Round and the need to adopt a fresh and credible approach that allows negotiations to continue in 2012," he said.