Results of the Mexico-Japan EPA

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El Agreement for the Strengthening of the Economic Partnership (EPA) between Mexico and Japan was signed in September 2004 and came into effect in 2005 with the aim of guaranteeing better market opportunities and furthering the trade liberalization process.

Among the principal results of the Mexico-Japan EPA are:

Agricultural products: market access is improved for certain agricultural products of major interest to Mexico to expand opportunities for Mexican agriculture.

Industrial products: contribute to improving industry competitiveness and guaranteeing access to quality inputs at lower costs.

Customs procedures: an Authorized Export System was agreed to simply the certification of origin of goods.

Transparency in the application of import tariffs: at the time of customs clearance, the lowest tariff between the most-favored nation's tariff to the world and the preferential tariff applicable under the EPA will be applied.

On February 21, 2011 the end of negotiations was reached to gain better market access for agrifood and industrial products of interest to both countries, and from other disciplines to facilitate business opportunities between Mexico and Japan.