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National System of Logistics Platforms

To give a territorial approach to national policy on logistics, the MInistry of Communications and Transport and the Ministry of Economy are collaborating with the Inter-American Development Bank to push a National System of Logistics Platforms.

The goals of the system are:

1) To promote the competitiveness of Mexican logistics infrastructure, in accordance with the National Infrastructure Program 2007-2012.

2) To drive innovation to make domestic and foreign market supply chains more competitive.

3) To establish a competitive logistics land-use regulation.

4) To facilitate industrial and trade activities, both in the domestic market and in foreign trade, through the development of necessary infrastructure and logistics services.

Logistics Statistics

1) Logistics performance index 2009: 3.05 where 1 is low and 5 is high. World Bank indicators show that in 2010 Mexico ranked 50th from 155 countries.

2) Logistics costs of Mexican businesses: 10.3% of sales, of which: 40% relate to transport costs and 60% to inventories, order processing, storage and planning of transport operations management (data from A.T. Kearney consulting firm).

3) Logistics costs in Mexico represent 15.3% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to A.T. Kearney's estimates contained in the Logistics Competitiveness Agenda 2008-2012.

Occupational Competencies

The Management Committee for competencies for Logistics and the Supply Chain in Mexico was installed on March 4, 2010. It currently has six technical groups: Warehouses, Trucking, Railroad, Mobile Cranes, Maritime and Hoists.

The Committee's goals are:

1) To promote the development of competitive standards in functions related to logistics and the supply chain.

2) To define the human capital agenda that includes topics on training, incentives and job transfer.

3) To develop and/or update competency standards, assessment instruments and impact mechanisms which encourage worker certification.

4) To monitor and promote the operation of assessment and certification solutions.

Two competence standards have been published: “Planning of Product Inventory Control" and "Mobile Crane Operation".

Two are in the process of publication: “Establishing Supply and Demand of the Domestic Product Trucking Service” and “Traveling Crane Operation” and others are being developed.

 “Reliable Logistics Processes” seal

The “Reliable Logistics Processes” seal is a distinction based on prior evaluation. It will be granted to Mexican companies which demonstrate they have the capacity to improve their indicators for complete and on time delivery. The seal will enable them to enhance client service and increase the confidence of clients and suppliers.

Companies granted the seal will have a verification model which benefits their logistics development through:

1) The diagnosis and identification of niches of opportunity for improvement at the time of assessment.

2) Logistical improvement of key and support activities on using the seal.

3) Ongoing improvement to design and implement the appropriate categories of the Reliable Logistics Processes seal, according to the needs and requirements of their own core activities.