National Innovation Program

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National Innovation Program

The National Innovation Program (PNI) aims to establish public policies which enable the promotion and strengthening of innovation in productive processes and services, in order to increase the competitiveness of the national economy in the short, medium and long term. It seeks to promote and strengthen innovation in production and service processes to increase the productivity and competitiveness of the national productive system.

The program is helping to reinforce the link between education, basic and applied science, technology and innovation.

Agencies and institutions from the academic, public and private sectors are involved in the creation, design and implementation of the PNI.

The program establishes a strategy based on 4 premises and 6 pillars.

The premises of the innovation strategy are:

1.- Innovation is a national priority; only through innovation can we increase the competitiveness of our economy and reach the growth rates and creation of quality jobs that Mexico needs.

2.- Since available resources are scarce, efforts must be concentrated on areas of greatest impact.

3.- To develop an integral strategy, coordination mechanisms must be established between agents.

4.- Accountability mechanisms enable the continuous review and improvement of public policies.


Pillars of the Innovation Strategy

1.- National and International Market

Goal: To strengthen domestic and foreign demand for innovative products, services, models and business created in Mexico.
Stakeholders: Consumers, businesses and government.

2.- Generation of Strategic Knowledge

Goal: To increase the availability and applicability of knowledge aimed at innovation.
Stakeholders: Higher education institutions, research centers and businesses.

3.- Strengthening Business Innovation

Goal: To fortify the core of businesses and public entities which demand the generation of innovative ideas and solutions for the market.
Stakeholders: Businesses and public entities.

4.- Innovation financing

Goal: To promote the  availability of public and private resources to increase the financing sources necessary for entrepreneurship and innovation.
Stakeholders: Government, private investors and financial market.

5.- Human Capital

Goal: To improve and increase the productive, creative and innovative contributions of individuals.
Stakeholders: Workers, students, business people and educational institutions.

6.- Regulatory and Institutional Framework

Goal: To establish the bases of a regulatory and institutional framework which favors innovation.
Stakeholders: Public, private and academic sectors.