What does Mexico offer as G-20 President?

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This 2012, Mexico presides over the Group of 20 as the second emergent economy and is the first Latin American country to host both the G-20 and the Leaders Summit in the same year.

    With a dedication to responsibility and to becoming a constructive player at regional and world level, Mexico has made a number of commitments for a successful and effective summit:
  1. To achieve agreements and results that will benefit the world economy
  2. To monitor the commitments undertaken in previous processes
  3. To make significant contributions to various topics within the framework of the G-20 process
  4. To give the greatest possible plurality, openness and transparency to the dialogue within the framework of the Group
  5. To promote the active participation of non-member countries, international organizations, academic institutions and the private sector
Among Mexico's priorities within the framework of the G-20 are:
  1. Economic stabilization and structural reforms for growth and employment.
  2. To strengthen financial systems and encourage financial inclusion to drive economic growth.
  3. To improve the international financial architecture in an interconnected global economy.
  4. To promote food security and broach the subject of price volatility of raw materials.
  5. To encourage sustainable development including an agenda for infrastructure, energy efficiency, boosting green growth and financing for the fight against climate change.
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