What will the Trade Ministries Reunion work on?

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According to the Secretary of Economy, Mr. Bruno Ferrari, the next Trade Ministries Reunion will hold three different work sessions, and   the issues proposed by Mexico were : Global value chains,   the relationship between trade and economic growth, and its effect on jobs.

In this meeting,  the 20 G-20 members will be joined by Peru, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Spain, New Zealand and Singapore, as well as by the WTO’s General Director,  Mr. Pascal Lamy, and by the OECD’s ( the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) Secretary General, Mr. José Ángel Gurría.
The Secretary of Economy mentioned that this is the first time that the G-20 Trade Ministers will discuss in depth issues such as the global value chains and the relationships between trade, employment and growth.
On the subject of the issues proposed by Mexico, Ferrari said that the objective is to create a greater awareness of the importance of having supply chains functioning smoothly, with no shocks, and of creating the necessary conditions for an increase in trade, thus strengthening the multilateral trading system.
On the other issue, he said :” It is convenient to remember that commercial openness has allowed the different economies to enjoy the benefits of specialization and to focus on those sectors in which they are more productive, even leading in many cases the training, the formation of new professionals, specifically on those growth areas, thus guaranteeing job security.”
The government official affirmed that Mexico is convinced that the G-20 is a multilateral cooperation platform, and therefore the Trade Ministries Meeting offers a unique opportunity to look for alternatives to promote a sustainable economic growth, as well as promoting a global open economy, with a business environment supportive of trading and investments.