WEF Opening

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The Seventh World Economic Forum on Latin America opened today in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


Governments have to focus on implementing reforms to attract more trade and investment to the region, as well as dealing with drug cartels and organized crime.
For more information about the meeting, please visit: www.weforum.org/latinamerica2012
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, April 17, 2012 – Latin America must address pressing economic and social challenges to ensure that it can attract the trade and investment it needs to drive growth, government leaders stressed in the opening session of the Seventh World Economic Forum on Latin America. Some of the priorities are to keep economies open, improve the rule of law, deal with drug cartels and organized crime, and nurture young people. “The path to the future for Latin American countries is through trade and investment,” Felipe Calderón, President of Mexico, said in an address to 900 business, government and civil society leaders. “We need to create incentives for trade. We have to say no to the temptation of protectionism”.