B20 presents preliminary recommendations to President Felipe Calderon

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Mexico City, April 18, 2012.-In the context of the World Economic Forum for Latin America, the B20 Organizing Committee submitted to President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, a diagnosis of each of the topics and the preliminary recommendations that will be covered on the B20 agenda, to be held in Los Cabos, B.C., in June of this year.

The document submitted to President Calderon, who was accompanied by representatives of nine state ministries, includes recommendations on the seven topics defined in meetings prior to the B20, adding for the first time an eighth working group to follow up on and analyze the impact of the recommendations. The topics are:

1.   Food Security
2.   Green Growth
3.   Employment
4.   Transparency and Eliminating corruption
5.   Trade and Investment and trade
6.   ICT and Innovation
7.   Financing for Growth and Development
8.   Advocacy and Impact

This document reiterates the fundamental role that companies have in rebuilding confidence following the economic crisis, but most of all, intending to global matters.

In this respect, Alejandro Ramirez, President of the B20 Organizing Committee, indicated, “The problems that we face today are much bigger, much more complex and therefore, require integrated participation from the private sector and civil society, not just governments.”

The preliminary recommendations are the result of 80 days of combined work undertaken by more than 150 international business leaders from 25 nations, with the support of international experts from the WEF, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), McKinsey & Company, the OECD and IDEA Foundation, as well as government officials.

Each of the working groups analyzed the context and importance of each of the topics, proposing a diagnosis that would serve as the basis for the development of practical solutions to global problems, which stem from a basis premise: what should be the role of companies?

“It was fundamental to ask ourselves what should be the role that companies should play, not only in proposing solutions to the problems and challenges that we face today, but also in implementation and follow-up”, emphasized Alejandro Ramirez. “Hence the importance of the eighth task force, which will provide follow-up to ensure the proposals are carried out and reach all nations," he added.

Submitting the document to President Calderon, president of the G20 Mexico 2012, is the first step in initiating a formal dialog with the Summit of Heads of State and Government. The representatives of B20, and G20, will have two months to analyze and discuss the recommendations together, contributing to the development of actions that will help face current challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that benefit society.