World Economic Forum for Latin America consolidates Mexico's leadership in the region

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With the development of international meetings such as the World Economic Forum for Latin America, which expects the participation of over 700 leaders from 70 nations, including Heads of State, businessmen and women, academics, opinion leaders and civil society representatives, Mexico is establishing its leadership of the region and itself as a bridge country between emergent and developed economies.

Presenting the Federal Government's progress during the organization of the meeting (to be held in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco from April 16 to 18), the Secretary of Economy, Bruno Ferrari, emphasized how Mexico, as host, will work together with Latin American economies to consolidate the region's economic strength and build a stronger economic block capable of meeting external challenges and boosting international recovery.

Accompanied by Marisol Argueta, Director in Chief of the World Economic Forum for Latin America, Mr. Ferrari said that the meeting has become an indispensable forum in which to analyze and guide the region's role in global economic governance, above all as one of the areas reporting the highest economic growth rates, surpassing those of developed countries.

Mr. Ferrari said the meeting, along with the G20 Summit to be held in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, will make it the first time a Latin American nation is host to both events in the same year.

Secretary Ferrari said that in this new edition of the Forum, where among the guests will be leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the Prime Minister of Canada and the Head of the Spanish Government, priority will be given to three topics: pushing a new balance for global economic recovery, increasing capabilities for regional transformation and creating innovation models for a sustainable future.

He added that Mexico has established a series of objectives for the meeting: to invite a highly representative group of executives from leading world companies; to continue to promote Mexico as a business destination, to attract investments and tourism, and to promote the priority topics of the G20 agenda.

Mr. Ferrari also mentioned other meetings and reunions to be held within the framework of the Forum, such as the Young Global Leaders Summit; the Sustainable Growth Summit; the Meeting of Energy Ministers for Latin America; the Meeting of Economic Ministers of the G20 countries, and the public-private meeting on the fight against corruption.

The conclusions of the work will be delivered to President Felipe Calderón in the framework of the Mexican presidency in the G20.