Companies from look India look for business opportunities in our country

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For the first time, top executives of the Mahindra Business Group visit our country to discuss the advantages of doing business in Mexico.

Within the framework of the Regional World Economic Forum (WEF Regional) at Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Bruno Ferrari, Minister of Economy, and Carlos Guzman Bofill, Director General of ProMexico, held a private meeting with ShriprakashShukla, member of the Executive Board at the Indian Company Mahindra.
During the meeting, the advantages of doing business in Mexico were discussed, mainly in the automobile, aerospace, IT, electronics, and renewable energies industries, where Mahindra has a major interest.
This is the first visit of Mahindra’s top executives to Mexico. The company is currently exploring different options to gain access to Latin America, where our country is an attractive alternative.
Mahindra is a multisectorial group whose parent company, Mahindra&Mahindra Ltd., has its headquarters in Mumbai, India. Today, its operations span through a wide range of industries, including aerospace, utility vehicles, components for light and heavy vehicles, agricultural machinery, post-sale services, iron and steel industry, engineering consulting services, corporate security, corporate finance, water treatment and distribution, naval and defense systems, solar energy, financial services, IT and BPO services, leisure and hospitality, logistics, real estate, retailing, two wheelers and more.