Cisco Systems announces world production of Smart Grid Routers un Mexico

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Cisco Systems announces the production of Smart Grid routers in Jalisco.

Mexico will be the only place in the world where this technology will be produced.

Within the framework of the World Economic Forum for Latin America, Bruno Ferrari, Mexican Secretary of Economy, met this morning with Angel Mendez, Senior Vice-president of Cisco Systems.
During this meeting, follow-up was provided to manufacturing expansion plans of Cisco in Mexico, as well as projects to strengthen local and international suppliers, thus contributing to the country’s positioning as a growing technological platform.

Cisco’s Senior Vice-president informed Secretary Ferrari, that as part of these expansion plans, the series 1000 Cisco Routers will be produced in a manufacturing plant in the State of Jalisco, Mexico and that this will be the sole facility producing this technology at the world level.

The Cisco series 1000 Connected Grid Router is part of the solution that was designed to deal with cost, reliability and scalability issues of the communications infrastructure of energy supplier companies, for the efficient distribution and use of energy (Smart Grid). This outdoor router supports different types of connectivity, among these 2G/3G and WiMax and RF mesh.

Secretary Ferrari thanked Cisco for its trust in Mexico. Furthermore, he stated that these types of investments are evidence of Mexico’s competitive advantage for companies engaged in the development and manufacture of technologies, among others.
During the meeting, it was also highlighted that during the last years, Cisco Systems, involved in the manufacture, sale, maintenance of, and consulting for Information and Telecommunications Technologies, has made important investments in the manufacture, sale, and social impact programs and has decided to place Mexico as a priority objective of its global growth strategy.

Rogelio Velasco, Director General of Cisco Mexico, Andres Maz, Executive Technology Policy Director for Latin America, and Francisco Uribe, Executive Director of Business Development for Latin America also attended the meeting.

José Antonio Torre, Under-secretary of Competitiveness of the Department of Economy and Luis Olive Hawley, Head of the International Business Promotion Unit  accompanied the Secretary of Economy.