Trade Ministerial B20 – G20

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Trade Ministerial B20 – G20

VENUE: Casa Velas Hotel, Puerto Vallarta (Quetzal room)
Located at Pelícanos St., No. 311, Fracc. Marina Vallarta
08:00 - 09:30hrs.
(90 minutes)
This is the first meeting of the B20 with G20 Trade Ministers and it opens the formal works of the G20 Ministerial meeting.    
Ministers to be briefed by B20 representatives and discuss on their deliberations and recommendations on trade issues. To present the first recommendations of the B20 Task Force of  'Trade and Investment' to the G20 Ministers, as well those  recommendations related to Trade from the Task Forces of ‘Food Security´, and 'Green Growth'.
20 min
10 min
10 min
Secretary Bruno Ferrari welcomes the audience and introduces the B20 and Alejandro Ramírez
The B20 and its relevance for the G20 Ministers (Alejandro Ramírez)
25 min B20 Taskforces CEO’s outline core recommendations with trade implications:  
  ·   Trade and Investment recommendations, presented by Martin Senn (10 min)  
  ·   Financing for Growth and Development recommendations, presented by Dr. Guillermo Ortiz (5 min)  
  ·   Food Security recommendations, presented by Jose Ernesto Cacho Ribeirio (5 min)  
  ·   Green Growth Taskforce, presented by Michael Zarin (5 min)  
25 min. Q & A (moderator TBC)  
B20 participants
1.     Alejandro Ramírez, President of the B20 Organizing Committee
2.     Martin Senn, CEO Zurich Financial Services - (Trade and Investment TF Chair)
3.     Michael Zarin, Vestas, Director Group Government relations (Green Growth TF representative for the chair)
4.     Guillermo Ortiz, President Banorte - (Financing for growth & development TF Chair)
5.     Jose Ernesto Cacho Ribeiro, CEO Minsa -  (Food Security TF Member)
6.     Kimball Chen, Chairman and CEO, Energy Transportation Group (Trade and Investment TF member)
7.     Pierre Froidevaux, President, ICC México (Trade and Investment TF member)
8.     Cynthia Braddon, Vicepresident Government Affairs, McGraw-Hill (Trade and Investment TF member representative)
9.     Lisa Schroeter, Global Director of Trade and Invesment Policy,  The Dow Chemical Company (Trade and Investment TF member representative)
10.   Borges Brende, Managing Director, World Economic Forum
Deputies to Taskforce members:
11.   Peter Buomberger, Senior Public Policy Adviser of Zurich Financial Services
12.   Sebastian Arias Duval, Chief Operating Officer, International Airport Management
13.   Stefano Bertasi, International Chamber of Commerce